testing testing

Friday, February 29

ok, so this is bizarre. somewhere in the last hour and a half, i discovered Flock. and now, after having played with it for an hour and fifteen minutes, it seems to be telling me that it will post to the blog from a neat little texty window in my browser. is this true?? can it be???? do i really not have to deal with the clumsy blogger back-end?!! (though to be fair to blogger, it seems like every blog back-end is fairly clumsy)

so here's what i've been wanting to say; let's see if you can read it!

1) i apologize for not having posted. it turns out that work is supposed to be priority numero uno. who knew?

2) a thought occurred to me about Oh. My. Gods. versus Something To Blog About. the difference between swoosh and vanilla is all about character. for example, in OMG we know all about our main character's primary motivation -- what makes her tick. not so much for STBA; oddly enough she also runs, but we don't really know if she LOVES it, we just know she does it. it's all about these little details (that's where god is, right?)