crossing over

Thursday, December 20

i don't know if it's something that's new, or if i just didn't realize it before. but it seems that there are a lot of books out there right now that are crossing the line between the "young" reader (aka middle and young adult) and the adult reader. for example, Harry Potter. or the Twilight series. as a bookseller, i'm increasingly approached by adults who are looking for these books for themselves.

The Adoration of Jenna Fox
, by Mary E Pearson, exemplifies this phenomenon. what would be considered straight-up literary speculative fiction* is rendered young adult simply because the protagonist is seventeen. Adoration is the gripping story of Jenna Fox, who may or may not have been in a coma for a year, and may or may not be Jenna Fox at all. thoughtful and challenging without being heavy-handed, Adoration is a fascinating and timely look at human identity and the ethics of advanced medicine. the characters are engaging, and Jenna and her school mates in particular are fun, intriguing, and a little saddening all at once.

i don't really believe in the canon for the most part, but this book belongs in schools, and on the shelves of every thinking person out there.

*by literary speculative fiction, i mean something along the lines of Never Let Me Go by Ishiguro, or The Road by McCarthy. something that takes place in a near future, and may have science fiction elements, but that you're going to find in the fiction section of a bookstore.


Anonymous said...

Adults have too much of a bias against YA books. I read MG, YA, and adult fiction, and there are great books in all these categories, and it's sad that people don't realise this. The Adoration of Jenna Fox is one that I also agree everyone should read.

sarah at thereadingzone said...

This book needs to be in schools, just as "The Giver" is a part of so many curriculums. I agree with you that adults should also pick this on up. Pearson has done an amazing job with this.