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Friday, October 19

there are some books out there that remind us of just how much we love music. Audrey, Wait is one of those books.

in Audrey, Wait Robin Benway turns every girl's dream (to have a song written about them) on its head in a laugh-out-loud, bright, sharp novel. audrey is the voice of a generation. she is alternatingly air-headed and bitingly intelligent, angsty and insightful, but always genuine -- a refreshing change from the chic clique girls that overrun much of the ya genre.

you won't be able to read Audrey, Wait until April 2008, but don't despair! for your auditory enjoyment, i've scoured deezer for songs featured in the book -- below. and, for your reading pleasure, let me introduce you to two of my other muscially-inclined friends: War for the Oaks by Emma Bull and The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

War for the Oaks was my introduction to rock and roll, and no one could have introduced it better than eddi mccandry, our heroine. she rocks like nobody's business, and that's what gets her into trouble. if you like a good fantasy, you've probably already read this book but i will say it anyway -- read it! guitars, drummers, the world of faerie, and a whole lot of rock and roll collide to create a book that i have reread more times than i can count, and fondly recall more often than that. expect a playlist as soon as i can find my copy.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower features charlie, a kid who just can't catch a break. i never did like Catcher in the Rye -- if i were a teacher and could replace it, this is the book i'd replace it with. life is rough, high school is rough, and no one knows it better than charlie. but unlike the self-pitying and self-obsessed holden caulfield, charlie actually has a heart. which is a good thing, because he needs it. music may not play as strong of a role in this book as in Audrey, Wait or War for the Oaks, but it's there to set the stage at key moments.

(note: these are all PG13 folks. razorbill seems to think that Audrey, Wait is suitable for 12 year olds, but i'd say wait a bit -- sex, drugs and language do play a role. not a huge one, but there nonetheless.)

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Anonymous said...

I'd also suggest "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" and "Live Is a Mix Tape" for people who like music-themed books. "Audrey, Wait!" reminded me a lot of "Nick and Norah."

Teen Troves said...

I second Nick and Norah. LOVED it. Although it is definitely for the mature YA.