ARCreader: by hook or by crook

Saturday, March 21

i'm on a crusade, it turns out. after Thursday's rousing discussion and Friday's recap, i've discovered i'm completely unable to let this go.

so, i decided this morning that i would be a guinea pig for my crusade (to mix some metaphors) and find out whether or not publishers would actually be willing to send me digital ARCs. i've emailed some of my reps (and gotten one VERY encouraging response, still waiting to hear from the others) to find out. based on the first feedback (bless you, CH, for paying attention to your email on a Saturday) and my anticipation of further good news (even if it's just a few digital chapters to encourage me to request ARCs, it's a step forward) i have created my ARCreader pledge:

i solemnly swear that, not only will i have an ARCreader by May 2009, but that i will not take home a single ARC from BEA '09.
those of you who have been to BEA know just how dramatic this pledge is -- i went home with several very large boxes of ARCs last year. and that is exactly what the publishers want -- for us to read their books. well, i'll read them... on my ARCreader!

where will i get this ARCreader? right now, i don't know. if i have to, i will (gulp) add it to my already over-burdened credit card. but i'm hopeful that some people out there, be they publishers, Sony (who i have also contacted, in hopes of getting an industry discount), the ABA, an anonymous benefactor/benefactress, will see the beauty and importance of this idea and help me get there.

onward, soldiers!