Sunday, January 20

i don't usually read memoirs. perhaps i should rethink this policy. the last two i've read, Loose Girl and now I'm Looking Through You: Growing Up Haunted, have been shockingly good.

Jennifer Finney Boylan, formerly James Boylan, has mastered, in my opinion, the art of the memoir in I'm Looking Through You. there were moments where i actually laughed out loud (doesn't happen all that often reading, believe you me) and had to put the book down until i was done laughing. there were also moments of pathos, of family dysfunction, of family love, surprises and twists, and of course, some really creepy and some really lovely ghosts.

purportedly, this is about growing up with ghosts. but i suppose it also had to be about her experiences with gender -- it's a pretty big life thing to just leave out or touch on lightly. in fact, Boylan weaves her gender experiences with the hauntings in such a smart, interesting, and thought-provoking way that it all makes complete sense in the end. not to mention, this is a book that is completely appropriate for everyone, say, 13 and up -- not at all something i would have expected. i can think of a few teen customers at the store that will definitely want to buy this one, and i'll be recommending it to every customer i see in Memoirs & Biography from now until ... well, until i find a new favorite.

since i'm kind of cheating by reviewing something that is already available for purchase (albeit by a mere four days -- the laydown was January 15th), i've decided my penance will be to give my ARC to some interested reader. i'll be buying the hardcover anyway, i liked it that much (once you meet Gammie, you will completely understand. PIZAZZ!).

so! if you're interested, drop me a note in the comments expressing said interest, and i will mail it to you, free of charge, with my compliments. if more than one person expresses interest, then i promise to choose in the randomest fashion i can come up with, scout's honor!


Elainareads said...

This book sounds really interesting I would really like the chance to read it.