Tuesday, February 5

i don't normally go for the gimmick titles. but something about the cover of Oh. My. Gods (the bright pink banner behind the title? the way the banner oh so subtly covers up the naughty bits of the statue? the fact that the statue has pink nikes draped around its neck? or that it's standing in sand? it's quite the cover) caught me and demanded that i give it a go.

it was so. much. fun. (sorry, just had to) Tera Lynn Childs, if she can keep it up, is going to be a great addition to the young adult author pool. Phoebe, our narrator, lives for one thing: running. well, maybe three things: running, running in Nikes, and getting into USC so she can run some more. so when her mother announces that she's remarried and they're moving to a tiny island in Greece for Phoebe's senior year, it's a pretty big deal. which becomes an even bigger deal, when Phoebe finds out that her new school is inhabited entirely by descendants of the greek gods, many of whom decidedly do not like the new girl.

there were definitely a few moments heavy on the cheese (the prophecy in particular, i could have done without), but they were balanced by the laugh-out-loud moments liberally sprinkled throughout. this is a really fun, funny, and heartwarming story, especially for those of us obsessed with mythology (i know you're out there!). i won't spoil the ending (shame on you, ending-spoilers!) but i guarantee you'll be grinning from ear to ear. Oh. My. Gods. hits the shelves in May.


Anonymous said...

Yay it soundds like a great book, i've been seeing the picture of the book everywhere I can't wait. =D

jocelyn said...

This looks like a lot of fun! I can't wait to read it.