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Friday, December 21

i've never read Francesca Lia Block. here's what happened: i was 12 when i discovered her. but that is WAY too young for Francesca Lia Block. or at least, when i was 12 it was. i suppose that 12 year olds nowadays are probably already watching more explicit things on HBO on a nightly basis. but anyway, i was not one of those 12 year olds. and then, by the time i was reminded of her existence, i was going through an intense Jane Austen phase and had pretty much no time for her.

but as a bookseller, i've remained very aware of Francesca. she's always on the radar, especially if you work in the teen section a lot. which i do.

which is why, 12 years after i first discovered her, i decided to pick up the ARC. also it had a pretty cover, and i am susceptible (VERY susceptible) to well-done covers. i'm glad i did.

Blood Roses didn't start off with a bang. i enjoyed the first few stories, but wasn't blown away. until, that is, i got to 'Skin Art', 'My Mother the Vampire', and 'Changeling'. 'Skin Art' and 'My Mother the Vampire' are linked, and just ... wow. really freakin' good. 'Changeling' is so sad (of course, all of them are, i don't think that she writes stories that aren't sad on some level) and so wistful and beautiful, i was stunned. whoever decided the order of these stories really knows their stuff.

so! PG13, folks, and utterly worth it. this goes on my shelf next to the other amazing gothic and girlie books.


Anonymous said...

Francesca Lia Block is amazing, and I've also been really into short stories lately, so this sounds great. Reading about all these great books so far before they get to come out, and wanting to read them so much, is agonising for a book lover like me! :-)